Studies on the reproduction of Indian whiting Sillago sihama (Forskal) (Percoidei, Sillaginidae)

Jayasankar, P (1989) Studies on the reproduction of Indian whiting Sillago sihama (Forskal) (Percoidei, Sillaginidae). PhD thesis, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.



In the present work, basic aspects of maturation and spawning, salient features of gametogenesis and associated biochemical changes occurring during these processes in an important cultivable fish, Sillago sihama belonging to the family Sillaginidae have been investigated The fishes belonging to the family Sillaginidae, commonly known as 'sand whitings' or 'sand borers', are distributed in the shallow estuarine and near coastal waters of Indo-West Pacific region. Few species are also known to ascend the freshwater regimes of the river. The sillaginids contribute to small but commercially important fisheries throughout the range of their distribution (Mckay, 1985).

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisor(s):Alagarswamy, K
Uncontrolled Keywords:reproduction; Indian whiting; Sillago sihama
Demersal Fishes > Silagos-whitings
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