Digestive physiology

Hemambika, M and Paulraj, R (2007) Digestive physiology. In: Physiology of Marine Shrimp Fenneropenaeus indicus. Diwan, A D and Mohan Joseph, M,(eds.) Narendra Publishing House, Delhi, pp. 93-127.

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The efficacy of a feed in promoting maximum growth in shrimps depends not only on its nutritive profile, but also on the animals inherent ability to consume, digest, absorb and metabolise the nutrients which the feed contains. Thus, an understanding of the digestive system and its digestive enzyme complement is extremely important in diet formulation, especially in balancing nutrients and to impose restrictions on use of those nutrients and additives, which may inhibit or alter the digestive processes, and advise optimal use of those nutrients and additives which would assist in achieving improved digestive efficiency

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