Report on the Stony Corals from the Maldive Archipelago

Scheer, Georg and Pillai, C S G (1976) Report on the Stony Corals from the Maldive Archipelago. Zoologica, 43 (3). pp. 1-83.



The Maldive Archipelago, situated at the southwest of India, consists of 22 atolls, extending over a length of nearly 470km in a north-south direction. The northern limit is Ihavandiffulu Atoll (7"'05'N, 72' 55'E), while Addu, one of the scientifically well known atolls, is located at the southern tip (0' 40'5, 73'1 O'E). The largest among the Maldivian atolls is located in the northern half of the chain and is known by twO names, a nonhern smaller part called Tiladummati, and the southern part Miladummadulu. At the middle pan of the Archipelago the atolls are arranged in two almost parallel rows, incorporating a great number of Faros with their small lagoon-like water bodies, termed Velu. The type locality of Atolls and Faros are the Maldives, the names originating from the Maldivian language. Nearly 2000 small islands enter into the geography of the Maldives, of which circa 200 are inhabited with a population of nearly 120000.

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