Fish Fauna of the Chaliyar River, North Kerala

Lal Mohan, R S and Rema Devi, K (2000) Fish Fauna of the Chaliyar River, North Kerala. In: Endemic Fish Diversity of Western Ghats. Ponniah, A G and Gopalakrishnan, A,(eds.) National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow, pp. 155-159.



The Chaliyar river is one of the west fiowing rivers of Western Ghats 10- ealed north latitude 11 0 19' N. longitude 750 51' E. It has many tributaries such as Karimpuzha. Punnappuzha, Kuru vanpuzha, TirUl'anchipuzha, Cherupuzha. etc. with a catchment area of 1535 sq. km. The total discharge of the river is 7775 Mm3, The river which was in a pristine condition before 4 to 5 decades has become highly degraded in the lower stretches by the effluents of Gwalior Rayons and in the upper stretches by various anthropogenic factors like deforestation, high siltation, dynamite fishing and use of copper sulphate for fishing. During the summer months, the water in the river is very low due to high run off during the wet months.

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