Crab farming potential in India

Marichamy, R (1996) Crab farming potential in India. Proceedings of the Seminar on Fisheries - A Multibillion Dollar Industry, Madras, Aug 17-19, 1995 . pp. 115-122.



Commercial scale mud crab culture is fast developing in the coastal ponds of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Countries bordering the Bay of Bengal Regions have given much importance for the development of crab farming in order to increase the production for export market. Fall of wild stock in resourceful grounds have stressed the need for proper management and stimulated mariculture ventures. The common mud crabs are Scylla serrata and Scylla oceanica, the later is widely preferred as it grows to a maximum size of 1.5 kg and will not cause any damage to bunds or fencing arrangements in the culture system. A pcakage of technology for field culturing of crab in coastal ponds as well as for production of seed in hatchery is available and envisage the scope for' the large scale development of crab farming in the country. This paper deals with ' various potentials for the progress of farming, methods of culture, seed production, management techniques, constraints and indicative economic returns of the projects.

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