Molluscan Fisheries

Mohamed, K S (2006) Molluscan Fisheries. In: Handbook of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Ayyappan, S,(ed.) Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 116-134.

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Molluscs are a fascinating and varied group of animals and although their outside features may vary greatly in form and colour, their internal structures are constant. The invenebrate phylum Mollu ca with more than 80,000 species is second only to Anbropoda in number of species. Molluscs occupy a variety of habitats ranging from mountain forests, freshwater to more than 10 krn depth in the sea. They range in size from less than I mm to more than 15 m (e.g. giant squid) and their population density may exceed 40,OOO/m2 in some areas.

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