Shrimp resources in the seas around the Asian countries with special reference to India

George, M J (1988) Shrimp resources in the seas around the Asian countries with special reference to India. Working Paper. Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology, New Delhi.


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    This study on IIShrimp Resource.s in the Seas Around the Asian Countries with special reference to India" by Dr.M.J.George, Retd.Joint Director, CMFRI, Cochin is sponsored by the Programme for Community Organisation. India has been one of the top , ranking countries in the world in shrimp production. But a stage has set in where further increase in production appsars • to be quite bleak , unless new resources are located probably in deeper waters 0 l' th rough aquacult ure. Hence is the impo rtan ce of the study. Dr.George.a well known. prawn fishery expert i~ the country, in his study has examined the ecological and environmental factors, ~nfluencing, Fish and prawn biomass i,lcluding primary productivity, etc. He · hes provided a detailed account of the trend in fish and shrimp production in Asian Countries in general and in India in particular. The author hes also me de a probe into the biology of shrimp fishery of India, their migrational habits and the technologies adopted for exploitation. A sectiqn of the report is devoted to analyse the concept of over-fishing of shrimps viewed from the biological and economic prami ses. We ere grateful to .Dr.George For bringing out a comprehensive analysiS of prawn Fishelies in India and the ~ seas around the A si an Co untr ies. \Je hope this db c lJIlent will prove to be a valuable material For all those who are concerned with policy' decisions for proper conservation and management of the resource. It will also be a good addition to the ·scientific literature on thfl subject.

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