Shark fishing in India

Devadoss, P (1996) Shark fishing in India. Proceedings of the Seminar on Fisheries - A Multibillion Dollar Industry, Madras, Aug 17-19, 1995. pp. 7-11.


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    From time immemorial sharks have been the object of amusement for the sea faring men and anglers and they were fished for sports. At certain times of history they were dreaded as monsters of the sea because of the ravage they wrought on bathers, fishermen and their boats. Even the very appearance of an heavily built creature with open mouth full of sharp and ferocious teeth and black fins gives a fearsome apparition to unarmed people taking bath ill the shallow waters. Of all the 350 species of sharks inhabiting the seas of the globe, only less than 35 species are aggressive and attack human beings, boats and other objects. While it is true that there are a few ana,cks sporadically on human beings throughout the world, recent findings have shown that one , is less likely to be attacked by a shark than having a serious accident at bome or in the roads. One should give a wide berth to larger sharks considering their size and speed of action. Even a slight contact with their abrasive skin may resnlt in severe lacerations and damage will be irreparable. One should also avoid bathing in sea with fresh wounds especially when sharks are around.

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