Observations on the catches of the mechanised Boats at Neendakara

Kuthalingam, M D K and Livingston, P and Sarma, P S Sadasiva (1978) Observations on the catches of the mechanised Boats at Neendakara. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 25 (1&2). pp. 98-108.



The catch data of the mechanised boats for the period from August 1969 to July 1971 revealed that the area off Neendakara is a potential trawling ground for prawns and other ground fish, with an estimated annual total catch of 12,079 tonnes. Observations also indicate the area off Neendakara to be a potential fishing ground for quality fishes such as seer fishes and tunas which are caught in surface gill nets. Trawl catch formed the main bulk of the landings constituting 92.8% and gill-net catch formed the cest. Details of the catch rates by trawl and gill nets, and of biological aspects such as size range, maturity, sex ratio and food and feeding habits of the important species of fish in the trawl catches are also presented in a chart.

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