Maturation and breeding habit of Dasyatis (Amphotistius) imbricatus (Schneider) at Porto Novo

Devadoss, P (1978) Maturation and breeding habit of Dasyatis (Amphotistius) imbricatus (Schneider) at Porto Novo. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 25 (1&2). pp. 29-34.


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In Dasyatis imbricatus only the ovary and the uterus on the left side are functional. It has a prolonged breeding season from December to July and produces 1 or 2 emibryos. The ova are ready for ovulation even before the parturition of the embryo in the uterus. The females reach maturity when they attain the size of 170-179 mm as confirmed by the ponderal index. The males in the 160-169inin size group are mature as judged by the relationship between body length and elasper length. S;xes in the commerical catches vary — 51.25% mles to 48.75% females

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