Algal nutritional requirements of larvae of Paphia malabarica (TH 123)

Gireesh, R (2003) Algal nutritional requirements of larvae of Paphia malabarica (TH 123). PhD thesis, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin-21.



To standardize the hatchery feed protocol for larval rearing of Paphia malbarica, the present study emphasized on optimum algal feed requirement of larvae at all stages of development. As the algal feed fulfills, the physiological and biological needs during development, the suitable micro algal production in a hatchery system could be benefited for the larval rearing and spat production on a commercial basis. In most bivalve hatcheries, the phytoflagellate Isochrysis galbana was used as feed in early larval stages, without considering the optimum requirement of this species. The present study revealed that a cell concentration of 5 x 103 cells/ml is the ideal density for larval rearing of P. malabarica. The present work, with an objective, to evaluate the efficiency of other micro algae such as Nannochloropsis salina, Tetraselmis gracilis, Dicrateria inomata, Chaetoceros calcitrans and Dunaliella salina as an alternative feed to I. Galbana. Among these micro algae, it is established that Nannochloropsis salina could be used for larval rearing and spat production, since it showed good result in terms of early settlement (day 9 -11), survival (83 %) and high growth rate (15 f,lm/day) when fed as single diet.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisor(s):Gopinathan, C P
Uncontrolled Keywords:Algal nutritional requirements; larvae; Paphia malabarica
Algae > Algal nutrition
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