Hydrology, plankton biomass and Fishery of selected areas in the creek And near shore areas of Mumbai (TH 121)

Joseph, Leena (2003) Hydrology, plankton biomass and Fishery of selected areas in the creek And near shore areas of Mumbai (TH 121). PhD thesis, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai.



Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay, is located on the north-west seacoast of India and is the nerve centre of trade, commerce and industry. Rapid urbanization and industrialization coupled with increasing population pressure has resulted in social, economical, technological and environmental problems in Mumbai. The objective of the present study was to conduct synoptic studies on the hydrographic conditions and fishery of the coast to gain a holistic picture of the impact and extent of pollution with reference to fisheries. Physico-chemical (pH, sea surface temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, BOD, nutrients) and biological analysis (Chlorophyll-a, zooplankton group diversity, fish biomass, crustacean diversity and microbiological parameters like total plate count, total coliforms, faecal coliforms and faecal streptococci) of water at nine sampling sites along the creek, nearshore and open shore areas off Mumbai coast was undertaken for a period of 28 months. Experimental trawling was undertaken on board M.F.V. "Narmada" at two depth strata (10-20 m & 20-30 m). Subsequently the results were subjected to statistical analysis to find any possible relationships between the parameters employed, and to identify any analogous behaviour between the sampling sites. Temporal, spatial and tidal variations were observed for various parameters. The deterioration in water quality was most severe in the creeks and its intensity decreased gradually from the nearshore to the openshore environment. The water quality observed along the coastal marine environment off Mumbai can distinctly be classified into highly polluted creeks, semi-polluted nearshore and relatively cleaner open shore waters. The study provides data support for comprehensive area-specific marine management and planning that is essential for maintaining the long-term ecological integrity. productivity and economic benefit of Mumbai coastal region. The solution for many critical issues related to fishery and environment lies in the development of a balanced coastal zone management plan (ClMP) that requires a closer and continuous monitoring to develop long-term environmental use models for formulating suitable corrective measures through integrated effort.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisor(s):Singh, V V
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydrology; plankton; biomass; Fishery; creek; Mumbai
Subjects:Marine Biology > Zooplanktons
Divisions:CMFRI-Cochin > Fishery Environment
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