On the biology and fishery of ‘Choo parai’ – Selaroides leptolepis (Cuvier and Valenciennes

Tandon, K K (1960) On the biology and fishery of ‘Choo parai’ – Selaroides leptolepis (Cuvier and Valenciennes. PhD thesis, CMFRI.



India is primarily an agricultural country and the fisheries play an important role in her economy. India has a long coast line of nearly 3000 miles and the waters surrounding her are rich in fishery resources . For the proper management and exploitation of these resources, information on the various aspects of the biology -- food and feeding habits, size at first maturity , the number of ova spawned by each fish in a season(s), spawning grounds, larval history, spawning season( s), age and growth of the fish, types of the crafts and gears used, and the populations existing in a particular area - of oommercially important species of fish is very essential. It is also imperative to know the various size and age groups constituting the fishery. Study of each of these aspects depends upon the regular collection of the data and their analyses.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
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Uncontrolled Keywords:Choo parai; Selaroides leptolepis
Demersal Fishes > Carangids
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