Studies on shrimp harvesting Techniques In aquaculture (TH 115)

Pravin, P (2003) Studies on shrimp harvesting Techniques In aquaculture (TH 115). PhD thesis, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Versova.



Shrimp harvesting techniques playa major role in the efficient and profitable operation of traditional shrimp farms. It is a labour intensive operation. However, there is a paucity of information of harvesting techniques in the traditional sector of shrimp culture in India. Problems are encountered in harvesting cultured shrimps especially in the farms, which are not fully drainable. Various harvesting techniques such as sluice net operation, cast netting, gill netting, complete draining of the farms and hand picking are deployed at different stages to harvest the shrimp from the farms. Six seasonal and six perennial farms located at Vypeen Island (Ernakulam District, Kerala) were selected for the study. Different harvesting techniques deployed for harvesting shrimps in the traditional shrimp farms, both seasonal and perennial, were studied in detail with respect to design, construction details and methods of operation. Sluice nets are the principal gear system operated in both the seasonal and perennial farms. Harvesting using other gears such as gill net, cast net and hand picking are done periodically and also during the final harvest. The Intensity of operation of different gears and details on the production of shrimp from these fishing techniques have been worked out separately for seasonal and perennial farms. The species composition, length statistics, sex ratio and total weight of different species of shrimps landed in the different harvesting systems have been discussed. The catching efficiency of gill nets and cast nets, and selectivity of gill nets have also been studied. Major factors influencing the efficiency of shrimp harvest from traditional shrimp farms, such as lunar phases, tide, flow rate of water and intensity of light at sluice gates, have been investigated in detail. Economic aspects of seasonal and perennial farms with special emphasis on the harvesting issues have been analysed.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisor(s):Ravindran, K
Uncontrolled Keywords:shrimp; harvesting Techniques; aquaculture
Fishery Technology
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