Studies on the cladocerans of the south-west coast of India

George, Rani Mary (1995) Studies on the cladocerans of the south-west coast of India. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, University of Kerala.


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    The lerm Cladocera was coined by Latreille (829) and it is de ri ved from the Greek words Klados (= branch) and Keras (= horn), afler the two branched second antennae, which are the chief organs of locomotion in these animals. An exhaustive r eview of literature concerning the 'Water Fleas' (cladocerans) has recently been provided by Sharma (991). It would be redundant to go over the ground once again. Neverthe less, a brief survey of the history of work on the systematics of Cladocera seems warranted in this thesis. In the twelfth edition of the "Syslema Naturae" Linne (1767) grouped all Branchiopoda known lo him under one genus , Monoculus (= wilh one eye). But the outline of our present systematical arrangement was given by Huller (1785), who was the first to subdivide Linne's Honoculus into several genera: Daphnia, Lynceus and Polyphemus. Latreille (1817) used Huller's syslem and called the Branchiopoda (= Entomostraca Huller) the fifth order of lhe Crustacea. In 1829 he distinguished the Branchiopoda (= gill feet) as the first order within the Entomostraca; the latter was, in this new edition, the second main

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