Studies on plankton production in the inshore waters of Tuticorin

Marichamy, R and Gopinathan, C P and Siraimeetan, Pon (1993) Studies on plankton production in the inshore waters of Tuticorin. In: Second Indian Fisheries Forum , 27-31 May 1990, Mangalore; India.



The results of hydro-biological investigations, with special reference to plankton production, in the inshore areas off Tuticorin for the period 1976 to 1985 have been presented. The primary production revealed three distinct peaks during the years, 1982-85, the first in January-April, the second in June August and the third October -December. The annual cycle of zooplankton production was dicyclic with slight variations throughout the period of study. Components of zooplankters showed definite seasonal fluctuations. Occurrence of fish eggs and larvae in increased percentages during March, June, July and September-October indicated the spawning seasons in this area. The distribution of bivalve and gastropod larvae exhibits two distinct modes during February-March and October-December, revealing the breeding season of this group. The environmental conditions of the inshore area relating to primary and secondary production are briefly discussed.

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