Fishes of the high altitude of the Himalayas and Central Asia

Hora, S L and Silas, E G (1957) Fishes of the high altitude of the Himalayas and Central Asia. Bulletin of the National Institute of Sciences of India, 9. pp. 288-290.


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    From south-weat China (Yunnan) in the east to Seistan in the west one finds a uniform fish fauna, which consists of the Schizothoracine carp trouts, Nemachilus, and allied loaches and of Glyptasternoid cat-fishes. Though in general died to the Indian fauna, it appears to have diverged fmm the Indian fauna during the Pleistocene glaciation. The high altitude fishes sra edapted to live in torrential waters tthrough a torpedo-shaped or gestly depressed body form and the reduotion of scales when oresent. Some forms have beaome seoondaril"v adanted & to lakes oonditiona of life at high altitudes.

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