The growth pattern of Indian mackerel

Yohannan, T M (1979) The growth pattern of Indian mackerel. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 26 (1&2). pp. 207-216.



The modal values for 197Q-74- indicate that the mackerel grows to about 21 cm toy the end of 8 months and 'by the completion of first year the length is about 22 cm. The growth equations derived from 12 months and 24 months data were not fund to explain growth pattern satisfactorily. An examination of the .specific growth-rate have shown that the rate of growth decreases consid'erably after cbout 8 months. The indication is that as the gonadial growth sets in there is a drastic reduction in linear growth. H-enoe, separate growth equations were derived for the premature and mature phases. These equations fit well with the observed values of growth during the corresponding phases.

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