Hand Book on Aquafarming: Seafishes Oceanic Cage culture

Bensam, P and Vasudevan, P (1993) Hand Book on Aquafarming: Seafishes Oceanic Cage culture. Manual. MPEDA, Cochin.


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Sea farming of several species of fin fishes is becoming very popular. Countries like China, Thailand and Japan are culturing several varieties of fin fi shes in floating net cages set up in the sea and India is yet to make a beginning in this direction. It is possible to make use of shallow inshore waters along the main land and sheltered bays in Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands to set up cage culture of some of the species of fin fishes such as sea bass, sea bream and grouper . Therefore, the organising Committee of "INDAQUA' - the first Aquaculture Show in India decided to bring out this handbook on far- ' ming of sea fishes. Dr.P. Bensam, CMFRI and Shri P. Vasudevan, Lakshadweep Silpi Aquaculture Ltd., Cochin have put up a lot of effort to bring out this handbook and I express my warm appreciation to them. The work done by Dr. G. Santhana Krishnan and Mr. M. Viswakumar in publishing this handbook is acknowledged. The generous contribution made by SCICJ to print this handbook is deeply acknowledged. I am sure that this handbook will be a useful reference to entrepreneurs in seafarming .

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