Nematocysts in four species of corals

Wafar, M V M (1974) Nematocysts in four species of corals. Mahasagar, 7 (1 & 2). pp. 119-123.



The types and d istribution of homatocysts in four coral species were studied. Of the 20 maj or categories or nematocysts recognized in the phylum enidaria, five types were encountered in these four corals. They were holotrichous isorhizas , atrichous isorhizas, microbasic mastigophore, micro basic amastigophore and macrobasic mastigophore. The type of nematocysts and their abundance varied from coral to coral and even within a single species, the relative distribution of a given type of nematocyst varied in different parts of a polyp. It is suggested that the differences im the nematocysts could be used in the classification of corals.

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