Status of coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve

Venkataraman, K and Jeyabaskaran, R and Satyanarayana, C H and Raghuram, K P (2004) Status of coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve. Records of Zoological Survey of India, 103 (1-2). pp. 1-15.



The ever-increasing human pressure on the coastal zone to meet the needs of the growing coastal population has resulted in the rapid decline of biodiversity and biomass of the coastal ecosystems worldwide. "Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve" (GoMBR) situated along the southeast coast of India, comprises of a collection of 21 small islands with fringing reefs built on shallow shores of these islands (Fig. 1). They are arranged in the form of a chain between 8'46' and 9 ' 1 4 ' ~L atitude and 78'9' and 79014'~Lo ngitude from Mandapam in the north to Tuticorin in the south. This area is remarkable for its faunal and floral wealth, especially the coral reefs and its associates (Thurston, 1890, 1895, Graveley, 1927 and Pillai, 1996).

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