Observations on the marine prawn fishery by Shore seine at Kakinada

Rao, G Sudhakara (1979) Observations on the marine prawn fishery by Shore seine at Kakinada. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 26 (1&2). pp. 52-64.


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    The estimated annual prawn landings by shore-seines at Kakinada varied from 13.9 to 57.3 tonnes during 1967-1971. July-Septembar was found to be the peak season of the fishery. The catch was composed of Metapenaeus brevicornis which formed about 60% of the landings. Other penaeid prawns occasionally landed in commercial quantities were M. inonoceros, M. affinis, M. dobsoni, Penaeus monodon and P. indicus. The landings of many of these species dropped gradually from 1967 to 1971 indicating a decline in the fishery. The sizj-frequency distribution for M. brevicornis indicated that females of 60-130 mm and males of 60-80 mm in total length dominated the fishery in most of the years. It was inferred that females grow at a rate varying from 8.7 mm to 11.2 mm per month. Males showed unimodal size distribution. The distribution of sexes in different size groups indcated a preponderance of males up to 80 mm and females thereafter. Length at first maturity for females of M. brevicornis was at 86 mm. Rips prawns were found to be rare in the inshore waters indicating spawning migration to offshore waters. Spent females were observed aUthrough the season with a peak during Tuly-October.

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