Prawn fisheries of India

Panikkar, N K and Menon, M K (1955) Prawn fisheries of India. Proceedings of Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council, 3 . pp. 1-17.



Prawn Fisheries of India rank, from the point of view of production, second only to those of the United States of America (F.A.O. Fisheries statistics, 1950 to 1953~). A number of more or less detailed accounts concerning them have been published (Rai, 1933 ; Panikkar 1937 ; Chopra 1939 & 1943 and Naidu. .1939). The species of edlble crustaceans lnhabltlng the seas, brackish waters (backwaters), lakes and rivers of India are numerous and practically all of them, excepting the smaller crabs, contribute considerably to subsistence fishing.

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