Biopotentials of secondary metabolites isolated from marine sponges

Joseph, Selvin and Lipton, A P (2004) Biopotentials of secondary metabolites isolated from marine sponges. Hydrobiologia , 513 . pp. 231-238.



The secondary metabolites of three sponges collected as bycatch in the fishing nets were explored for biological potencies. The sponge Dendrilla nigra exhibited wider biological activity. It showed potent activity in antibacterial, brineshrimp cytotoxicity, larvicidal, antifouling and ichthyotoxic assays. One of the well-studied cytotoxic sponge Axinellu donnani was least active in brineshrimp cytotoxicity assay. The secondary metabolites of Clathria gorgonoides were highly cytotoxic albeit it showed least activity in other bioassays. Based on the present findings, it could be inferred that the bioassay-guided fractionation and purification of D. nigra may come up with potent bioactive drugs

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Uncontrolled Keywords:sponge; secondary-metabolites; Dendrillu nigru; Axinellu donnani; Clathria gorgonoides; antibacterial; brineshrimp-cytotoxicity; larvicidal; antifouling; ichthyotoxic
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