Food and feeding habits of Pennahia Macrophthalmus Bleeker at Visakhapatnam

Rao, T Appa (1980) Food and feeding habits of Pennahia Macrophthalmus Bleeker at Visakhapatnam. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 27 (1&2). pp. 61-65.


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The food and feeding habits of Pennahia macrophthalmus Bleeker, a sciaenid occurring in the trawl catches at Visakhapatnam, wis studied during the period March 1%8-Decem'b2r 1973. P. macrophthalmus is a macrbphagous carnivore feeding on teleosts and prawns. Among the teleosts, Bregmaceros macclellandi and Anchoviella sp. are predominant. Prawns namely Penaeus s:pL, Metapenaeus sp., Acetes sp. are found to be major components among the crustaceans. Study of food in relation to different size groups showed P. macrophthalmus became more icthyophagous w^th age. Low feeding between February-April, moderate feeding between May-July and high feeding during the rest of the months seemed to prevail.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Food and feeding habits; Pennahia macrophthalmus; Visakhapatnam
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