Composition of the coral fauna of the southeastern coast of India and the Laccadives

Pillai, C S G (1971) Composition of the coral fauna of the southeastern coast of India and the Laccadives. Symposium of the Zoological Society of London, 28 . pp. 301-327.



Coral reefs of fringing nature are found both in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay on the southeastern coast of India. In the Gulf of Mannar, they are scattered mostly around the various islands lying between Tuticorin and Rameswaram. The reefs of Palk Bay are confined to the northern and eastern costs of Rameswaram Island and the northern side of Mandapam. Investigations on the corals of this area, between Long. 79'4% and 7g015'E and Lat. 9'10'N and g018'N, have revealed the occurrence of 117 species divided among 33 genera. Of these, 110 species of 26 genera are hermatypic and the rest ahermatypic. The most conspicuous components of the coral fauna of this area are the members of the families Acroporidae, Poritidae and Faviidae. It is feared that the coral reefs of southeast India are fast deteriorating due to natural as well as artificial causes some of which are also discussed in this paper.

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