Inhibition of bacteria from marine sources by aureomycin

Velankar, N K (1958) Inhibition of bacteria from marine sources by aureomycin. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, 47 (2). pp. 87-96.



Inhibition of marine bacteria by antibiotics is engaging the astention of researchers in the fields of marine biology and fisheries during recent years. Spencer (1952) used antibiotics in the isolation of bacteria-free cultures of marine phytoplankton organisms. Shewan et al. (1954) suggested a method for rapid differentiation of asporogenous rods commonly occurring in the marine environment based on the differences in their sensitivity to certain antibiotics. Oppenheimer (1955) in his studies on the effect of marine bacteria on the development and hatching of pelagic fish eggs, employed various antibiotics including aureomycin, singly and in different combinations, for controlling bacterial growth. Tarr et al. (1950) studied the effect of several antibiotics in retarding the spoilage of fish stored in ice and reported aureomycin to be most effective in low concentrations.

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