Effects of Density on Larval Growth and Spatfall in Pinctada fucata (Gould)

Dharmaraj, S and Alagarswami, K (1998) Effects of Density on Larval Growth and Spatfall in Pinctada fucata (Gould). Technological Advancement in Fisheries, 3. pp. 23-28.


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The effect of density in larval rearing in the Indian pearl oyster Pinctada fucata was studied at the Molluscan shellfish hatchery, Tuticorin. Larval densities from 1 larva to 20 larvae per ml were tested in 4,50 and 500 1 of seawater in glass beakers and fiber glass containers. lsochysis galbana was given as food at the rate of 5000cells from straight hinge stage to umbo stage, 10,000 cells from umbo stage to eyed stage and 15,000 cells/larva/day from eyed stage onwards upto spat settlement. Marginal difference in larval growth was observed between the densities in each experiment. However, an inverse relationship was noted between the densities and larval growth as well as in spatfall. The results indicated that the density at 2-3 larvae per ml was found to be the optimum which gave good growth and spatfall.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Effects; Density; Larval Growth; Spatfall; Pinctada fucata
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