Studies on some fish eggs and larvae of the Madras plankton

Nair, R V (1952) Studies on some fish eggs and larvae of the Madras plankton. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science, 35 (B). pp. 181-208.



study of fish eggs and their development, specially those of the economically important marine fishes, has received considerable attention in recent years on account of its bearing on the understanding of t21c sprawling season, breeding grounds and such other problems relating to the biology of fishes. It is well known that a knowledge of these aspects of the biology of food fishes is an essential pre-requisite for the proper management and exploitation of the marine fishery resources. While considerable advance has been made in this direction in temperate countries during the last half a century, very little is known about the eggs and larva of tropical marine food fishes except for the work of Dclsman who elucidated the early life histories of a number of fishes of the Java Sea.

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