Dynamics of cyclopoid population in a tropical estuary

Martin Thompson , P K and Easterson, D C V (1977) Dynamics of cyclopoid population in a tropical estuary. Proceedings of the Symposium on Warm Water Zooplankton Special Publication . pp. 486-496.



Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute Cochin - 682 018, India The abundance of nauplii, copepodites and adults of oithonids in the Cochin Backwater was estimated for an year from periodical samples. From the laboratory cultured animals, the duration of development in each stage was calculated and using Edmonson's method, the parameters of population dynamics were calculated and found that the instantaneous population growth varied from -1.064 to 0.395 and the instantaneous mortality rate from -6.513 to 4.637 within the year of study. The production of oithonids had two peaks, one in May-June and the other in November-December. The mean production for the year 1971 works out to 0.24 mg/msl day (53.33 copepods).

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