Tuna resources of the Indian Seas: an overview

Silas, E G and Pillai, P P (1985) Tuna resources of the Indian Seas: an overview. Harvest and post-harvest technology of fish . pp. 19-27.



As a part of the national policy for the judicious exploitation of the living resources of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of India, greater emphasis is to be given for the development of tuna fisheries, both in the artisanal sector and high seas. Tuna is one of the least exploited resources of the Indian seas, accounting for hardly 1.62% of the total marine fish catch in India at the 1980 level although there has been an appreciable increase in the landings of coastal species of tunas during the last 15 years. At present, the fishery is mostly supported by coastal species such as Euthynnus afinis, Auxis thazard, A. rochei, Sarda orientalis and Thunnus tonggol. The skipjack tuna Katsuwonuspelamis supports a surface fishery in the Lakshadweep, and in 1980 about 1760 t of this species was landed there in the pole and line (live-bait) fishery. Availability of live baits has been instrumental for the fluctuation in tuna catch in this area. A detailed analysis of the zone-wise landings of tunas along the Indian coast and in the Lakshadweep Sea is presented for 1965-1981, indicating the changing pattern and trend of the fishery. Information on the exploitation of the major tuna resources of the EEZ of India by the long-liners of Japan, Taiwan and Republic of Korea during the late 1970's is also presented. In order to comprehend the pattern of production of tunas and bill-fishes by the non-Indian Ocean countries (longline operation), Indian Ocean rim countries and oceanic islands in the Indian Ocean area, an analysis of the quantum of exploitation of these fishes during 1980 has been made and the results presented. Possible management for the development of tuna fisheries by India are also suggested and discussed

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