V. Genus Parapenaeopsis Alcock 1901

Rao, P Vedavyasa (1969) V. Genus Parapenaeopsis Alcock 1901. In: CMFRI Bulletin No.14, Prawn fisheries of India. CMFRI, Mandapam Camp, pp. 127-157.


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Genus Parapenaeopsis comprising sixteen valid species enjoys a wide distribution. Majority of the species are restricted to tropical and warm temperate shallow seas, but a few of them are also recorded from brackish water regions. Most of the species are found in the Indo-Pacific region, from Persian Gulf and east coast of Africa to Japan and Australia. A couple of species also occur from Eastern Atlantic and Pacific America. Seven species are recorded from the Indian region so far. These are, 1. Parapenaeopsis uncta (Alcock), 2. P. cornuta maxilipedo Alcock, 3. P. nana (Alcock), 4. P. acclivirostris (Alcock), 5. P. sculptilis (Heller), 6. P. hardwickii (Miers) and 7. P. stylifera (H. Milne-Edwards).

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