Systematics ii – Taxonomic considerations and General distribution –Prawn fisheries

George, M J (1969) Systematics ii – Taxonomic considerations and General distribution –Prawn fisheries. In: CMFRI Bulletin 14; Prawn fisheries of India. CMFRI, Mandapam Camp, pp. 5-48.


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The prawns and shrimps of commerce of India belong to 3 major families, namely Penaeidae, Palaemonidae and Sergestidae of the decapod suborder Natantia. A few deep water forms belonging to the family Pandalidae are also gaining commercial importance with the result of recent exploratory fishing activities. There has been much confusion in the usage of terms prawns and shrimps. At the Prawn Symposium of the Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council held at Tokyo in 1955 it was decided that the term prawn should be applied to the Penaeids, Pandalids and Palaemonids, while the use of the term shrimp should be restricted to the smaller forms belonging to other families. According to this most of the forms of economic importance here are to be termed prawns.

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