Phenotypic estimates and heritability values of Artemia franciscana

Shirdhankar, M M and Thomas, P C and Barve, S K (2004) Phenotypic estimates and heritability values of Artemia franciscana. Aquaculture Research, 35 . pp. 35-39.



Artemia, in all stages of its life cycle, is suitable food for most diversi¢ed groups of aquatic animals. Although its size at different stages restricts its use as a food for some groups of ¢sh, this problem can be overcome using selective breeding techniques. The formulation of any selective breeding programme calls for a proper understanding of the genetic architecture of the economically important traits of the population under study. Thus, heritability for certain important life history and reproductive traits was estimated in Artemia franciscana from the Great Salt Lake, Utah. In the present study, the sexwise heritability values for growth and reproduction traits were estimated using parent offspring regression. The phenotypic parameters for the same traits are also recorded. The naupliar length was 487.072.0 and 490.671.8 mm for males and females, respectively, whereas the heritability values for naupliar length were 0.585170.2153 and 0.376670.1899 respectively. The length at 3 and 6 days of age were 1.8770.03 and 4.1070.08mm, respectively, for maleswhereas1.8770.03 and 4.3070.08mm, respectively, for females.The heritability values for length at 3 and 6 days of age for males were 0.327270.3651 and 0.496570.2466, respectively, whereas the respective values for the females were 0.116770.3841 and 0.022270.2971. The estimates of length at ¢rst brood, pre-reproductive period and number of o¡- spring in ¢rst brood were 10.0970.23mm, 16.007 0.23 days and 53.5771.37 days, respectively, whereas the heritability values for respective traits were 0.040370.1078,0.323470.2874 and 0.340470.2202.

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