Length-weight relationship in Decapterus dayi Wakiya

Sreenivasan, P V (1981) Length-weight relationship in Decapterus dayi Wakiya. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 28 (1&2). pp. 283-286.



Length-weight (relationship in Decapterus dayi was worked- out. Comparison of <the regression coefficient b of fish foefomgaittg to different stages of maturity among males and females sthowdd that variations were not significant in the former and sigmficarat only ait S% level in the 'tetter. There was also no difference between males and females but both of them differed significantly from those of iindtetetrminaites. Therefore, a common equation for the males and females (log w = -4.7669 + 2.9886 log 1) and a separate one for imdetermimates (log w = -5.2628 + 3.1691 log 1) were proposed.

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