Salt Water Fish Culture in India

Tampi, P R S (1967) Salt Water Fish Culture in India. In: Salt Water Fish Culture in India, 3 February 1967, Mandapam.



Despite a tradition that dates back to the very ancient times, salt water fish culture as a profitable industry is only a recent development in India, largely prompted by the urgent need to increase our much-needed protein food. But within the past half a century even after the realisation of our potential, it must be said at the outset that we have not made adequate progress in harnessing our resources, especially when compared to the great strides this industry has taken in the east-Asian countries or along the Adriatic coast of the Mediterranean region. Generally speaking, fresh water fish culture has shown much greater promise and improvement and this practice is fast developing in our country, perhaps on account of easier management and quicker results that are obtained. The following discussion, however, will be confined to some of the special aspects involved in fish farming in environments that are more akin to marine conditions, and the scope for improvement in the existing methods of salt water fish culture.

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