Osmoregulatory ability of Penaeus monodon (fabricius) In relation to varying salinities

Diwan, A D and Laxminarayana, A and Kakati, V S (1989) Osmoregulatory ability of Penaeus monodon (fabricius) In relation to varying salinities. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 36 (1). pp. 53-57.



Adult Penaeus rnonodon osmoregulated well between salinities 3 and 45%0 for 24 and 48 hour duration with isosmotic points around = S18.5% and =S 23.520 respectively. A duration of 48 hr is essential for prawns to adjust to the new medium. Influence of eyestalk removal on osmolal concentration of haemo- lymph was studied. There was a significant decline in osmolal concentration in destalked prawns from 4 to 18hr after eyestalk surgery performance, but later recouping effect was seen. In destalked prawns when eyestalk extract was administered, the level of osmolal concentration did not decrease but always remained high throughout the experimental period. Probable reasons for such changes are discussed.

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