Integrated farming of seaweed and shrimp- Winter School on Recent Advances in Breeding and Larviculture of Marine Finfish and Shellfish

Jayasankar, Reeta (2009) Integrated farming of seaweed and shrimp- Winter School on Recent Advances in Breeding and Larviculture of Marine Finfish and Shellfish. [Teaching Resource]


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    Coastal aquaculture involves the cultivation of marine and brackish water species in ponds, protected Bays, Gulfs and Lagoons. Aquaculture became an important commercial food production since 1960s (Chua, 1986; 1994) and lateer in 1970s the aquaculture transformed rapidly with the success in breeding work of fish, shellfish, seaweed, artificial feed and genetic improvements. In particular Shrimp farming spread far and wide within three decades and became the prime export earning industry in many parts of the World (Liao, 1990). In the last two decades, many intensive aquaculture enterprises have suffered severe losses due to disease outbreaks (ADB and NACA, 1991) due to poor farm management. The quality of aquatic environment began to show a sign of unsustainability in many countries. U$ 1 billion dollar has been lost due to shrimp disease in Asia (FAO and NACA, 1995). It was reported in many countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, China and India. The environmental impact of aquaculture is becoming a matter of concern in the present scenario due to increase in industrialization, intensified aquaculture development, urbanization, population increase, pollution of coastal water due to sewage-industrial and agricultural waste. Intensification of culture practices has led to environmental deterioration both within the system and in the surrounding areas. The code of conduct for Responsible Fisheries evolved by the Food and Agricultural Organization, Rome in 1995 (FAO, 1995) is adapted by 168 countries including India. India is a signatory to implement many aspects besides the major issues related to aquaculture i.e. assessment for the discharge of effluents, use of drug and chemicals during aquaculture activities. Sustainability has become the major challenge to aquaculture development.

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