Vision 2020 : CMFRI Perspective Plan

Devaraj, M (1997) Vision 2020 : CMFRI Perspective Plan. CMFRI Perspective Plan 2020. pp. 1-92.


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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin was established in 1947 to carry out multidisciplinary research in marine capture and culture fisheries and to conduct education and training programmes in support of marine fisheries and mariculture development. Over the period of the last half a centruy, the Institute has grown in stature and size with 12 constituent research centres and 28 field centres along the coastline of the mainland and in the Lakshadweep. The present sanctioned staff" strength is: Scientists 189(+1), Technical 396, Administrative 173, Auxiliary 53 and Supporting 303. The Eighth Plan budget of the Institute under Plan is Rs. 900 lakhs and Rs. 3466.68 lakhs under non-Plan. Very important infrastructure has been developed for both shorebased and onboard research in marine capture fisheries and seafarming. The important achievements of the CMFRI include: development and implementation of a time-tested sampling scheme for the systematic collection of marine fisheries production statistics, development of a strong information base on the biological and fishery characteristics of all major exploited finfish and shellfish stocks, stock assessment and monitoring to furnish realistic estimates of stock size, fishing pressure, optimum yields and optimum fleet size for all the major exploited stocks, survey of the fisheries resources of the Andaman group of islands and the Lakshadweep islands and suggestions for marine fisheries development, database on fishery environmental characteristics, development of hatchery and growout technologies for shrimps, crabs, lobsters, pearl oyster, mussel, clam, edible oyster and seacucumber, development of pearl culture technology in the sea and onshore facilities, development of seaweed culture technology, searanching of shrimp and bivalves, education programmes for masters and doctoral degrees in mariculture, socioeconomics of fisherfolk and economics of fishing operations. With a view to developing a comprehensive strategy to address the future challenges in the countrjr's marine fisheries and mariculture sector, the CMFRI has prepared this Perspective Plan for the coming 25 years. In the process, we have critically looked at the mandate of the Institute, the nation's growth in marine fisheries, research capabilities, manpower needs, funding and achievements, and analysed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the sector. We have examined the national and international scenario in respect of marine fisheries and mariculture and the possible issues that may emerge in the ensuing years and the strategies to address them. Taking into account all the major areas of concerns, this Perspective Plan lays down the policy within which the various activities have to be carried out. Sixty research programmes in the following major areas are proposed and the needs of infrastructure, manpower and funds to implement the programmes are furnished. 1. Fisheries database and modelling 3 projects 2. Assessment and monitoring of the exploited stocks 10 projects 3. Finfish mariculture 3 projects 4. Crustacean mariculture 2 projects 5. MoUuscan mariculture 9 projects 6. Seacucumber mariculture 1 project 7. Mariculture systems 2 projects 8. Seaweed mariculture 2 projects 9. Mariculture biotechnology 16 projects 10. Socioeconomics 5 projects 11. Extension 4 projects 12. Education 2 projects 13. Deepsea and Antarctic resources 1 project

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