The blood clam culture

Narasimham, K A (1986) The blood clam culture. R & D Series for Marine Fishery Resources Management, 12 . pp. 1-3.



The Blood clam Anadara granosa (Linnaeus) is widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific. Besides being an important resource for the capture fishery in several countries, it is extensively cultivated in Japan, Malaysia, Republic of China, Thailand and Taiwan. This species occurs in stray niunbers along the Indian Coast and is unique in that it forms a fishery of some magnitude (2000 t/year) only in the Kakinada Bay. Based on the experiments conducted in 4 seasons during 1979 - 82, simple techniques for augmenting the production of A. granosa by transplantation, were developed by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute at Kakinada.

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