Stock assessment of the ribbonfish, Wchiurus lepturus Linnaeus, from the Indian waters

Thiagarajan, R and Lazarus, S and Appanasastry, Y and Khan, Mohammad Zafar and Mohamad Kasim, H and Scariah, K S (1992) Stock assessment of the ribbonfish, Wchiurus lepturus Linnaeus, from the Indian waters. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 39 (3&4). pp. 182-194.



The fishery of the ribbonfishes and population of the species Trichiurus lepturur Linnaeus were studied from the all-India datacollected during 197 1-89. The last five years were the most productive with an annual average catch of 79 220 tonnes. contributing 4.5% of the total fish catch and exhibiting an increase of about 48% over the 1970-81 period. This increase in the landings was attributed to the increased exploitation by trawl nets in states IikeGujmt and Maharashtra. Trawl net contributed about 50% of the total catch. About 75% of the catch came from the west coast and the rest from the enst coast. In the west coast the peak fishing season was in the fourth quarter except in Kerala where it was in the third quatter. In the east coast also, peak season was in the fourth quarter in the northern states and in the third quarter in the southern states. The total instantaneous mortality (Z) rates were estimated as 3.15 and 3.71 for the east and west coasts respectively by length converted catch curve method. By Jones' cohort analysis they were estimated at 3.32 for the east and 3.77 for 'he west coasts.

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