Cephalopod resources in southeast and northeast coasts of India and Andaman - Nicobar waters

Kripa, V and Nair, K Prabhakaran and Vidyasagar, Kuber and Rao, G Syda and Lipton, A P and Appukuttan, K K and Sreenivasan, P V and Rajapandian, M E and Natarajan, P and Ramadoss, P and Burayya, N and Thomas, K T and Achayya, P and Bhaskaran, M M and Joseph, Mathew (1996) Cephalopod resources in southeast and northeast coasts of India and Andaman - Nicobar waters. In: Proceedings of the Second workshop on scientific results of FORV Sagar Sampada, 15-17 February 1994, Kochi.



During 1988-'90, FORV Sagar Sampada has made 28 exclusive cruises to three regions in the Bay of Bengal covering different seasons of the year. Cephalopods formed one of the components of the demersal fishery resources of these regions, with the pelagic resources remaining insignificant. The commercially important neritic species of squids (Loligo duvauceli, Doryteuthis sibogae and Doryteuthis singhalensis), and cuttlefish (Sepia aculeata) were comparatively more in number and quantity than the species of oceanic squid Symplectoteuthis oualaniensis and other less important oceanic squids. The former groups of cephalopods were taken in demersal trawl and the latter in pelagic trawl. The distribution and relative abundance of various neritic and oceanic group of cephalopods by area and depth is given in the paper.

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