The threadfin bream resources

Murty, V Sriramachandra (1986) The threadfin bream resources. R & D Series for Marine Fishery Resources Management, 8 . pp. 1-3.



ij^he threadfin-breams of the family Nemipteridae form one of tlie xa^jor demersal fishery resources of India and are exploited by small commncial trawlers along both coasts in depths extending upto 70 m. The present catches form about 2% of total landings from the seas around India. Kerala State accounts for the maximum catch (3S%), followed by Maharashtra (21%). Gujarat (S%) and other maritime States. The exploratory survej^ beyond.the pre« sent fishing grounds have revealed that threadiia«breams are more abundant in the depth range 7S-12S m, the catch of these fishes contributing to about 7S% of the total catch from this depth range. The presNit exploitation, thus, is marginal, since the areas where there are larger concentrations of these fishes are now unfished.

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