Demersal finfish resources in certain areas of the EEZ of southwest and southeast coast of India

Bensam, P and Bande, V N and Sivakami, S and Nair, K V Somasekharan and Menon, N G and Mathew, Grace and Devadoss, P and Nammalwar, P and Zacharia, P U and Feroz Khan, M and Jayasankar, P and Mohanraj, G and Livingston, P and Gandhi, V and Raju, A and Srinivasarengan, S and Rengaswami, V and Raje, S G (1996) Demersal finfish resources in certain areas of the EEZ of southwest and southeast coast of India. In: Proceedings of the Second workshop on scientific results of FORV Sagar Sampada, 15-17 February 1994, Kochi.



Bottom trawling data from the cruises of the FORV Sagar Sampada undertaken during 1989-91 in the middle and outer shelf waters of the southern EEZ, at 97 stations within a depth zone of 30 to 130 m, showed catch rates of 3 to 14000 kg/hr. The highest rate of 14 t/hr was recorded at lat. 1 l°N/75° 23.4' E, followed by 5.5t/hr at 8°54'N N/76° 19.6' E off the southwest coast, whereas the abundance was comparatively less off the southeast coast. The average catch rate per hour off the southwest was 724 kg and off the southeast it was 405 kg. The important demersal finfishes available were: threadfin breams (72%), major perches (5%), rays, carangids and goatfish (4% each) off the southwest; and carangids (29%), major perches (23%), rays (19%), threadfin breams (10%) and goatfish (5%) off the southeast. The depth belt of 41-80 m off both the coasts was found to be more productive than deeper regions. The results indicate that the potential yield from the depth zone of 50-100 m off the southwest coast is 2.6 x 10 tonne, which is much higher than the previous estimates of up to 1.5 x 10 tonne. The single largest group (80%) in this zone is threadfin breams, followed by bull's eye, lizard fishes and flatheads.

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