Proceedings of the National Conference on Tunas, 21-22 April 1989

Pillai, P P and Jayaprakash, A A and Pillai, N G K, eds. (1993) Proceedings of the National Conference on Tunas, 21-22 April 1989. CMFRI, Cochin, pp. 1-131.



Tunas constitute one of the important marine fisheries resources of our country, having an estimated potential of about 200,000 t in the EEZ. The current production of tunas and tuna like fishes from the coastal sector is estimated to be 37,000 t (1991). There is no organised tuna fisheries along our coasts except in the Lakshadweep, where the small scale fisheries for skipjack is established. Long line fishery under chartering foreign vessels to operate in Indian waters commenced in the year 1985 and revised policy on charter was introduced since 1987.

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