Stock assessment of Scomberomorus commersan along the Indian coast

Yohannan, T M and Jayaprakash, A A and Srinath, M and Thiagarajan, R and Livingston, P and Mohamad Kasim, H and Luther, G (1992) Stock assessment of Scomberomorus commersan along the Indian coast. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 39 (3&4). pp. 111-118.



Analysis of length hquency dntnon Scomberomorus commemon gave the growth parametusIISL-, 146 cm and K, 0.78. TaLing M/K as I and 1.5, the MSY vdws for Kerala were estimated IIS 5 823 tonnes and 5030 tomes respectively. The nnnunlaverage cntch here stood at4 909tonnes. Yield per recruitstudiesrev- the exploitntion as beyond the MSY level. A reduction in exploitation mte is necessary to bring the yield badc to MSY level. The estimated total mortality (Z) for Tamil Nadu was 3.09. MSY stood at 4 417 tonnes and 3 624 tonnes for M/Kvalues of 1 and 1.5 respectively. With the avenge annual yield of 3 488 tonnes during 1984-88. a duction in the explo~tation rate 1s required here also. The estimates rnised to dl-India catch gave an MSY value of 23 284 tonnes and 19 733 tonnes for M/K values of L and 1.5 respectively. Theavemgeannual all-lndiacatch at 19 171 tonnes showedtheScnmberornor~.r cnmmer.ton fishery slightly beyond MSY. Further incrense in exploitation rate can only educe the catch whereas a decrew wll give an increased yield and CPm.

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