Unusual fishery of Parapenaeopsis acclivirostris in Tadri area (Karwar)

Kakati, V S and Telang, K Y (1990) Unusual fishery of Parapenaeopsis acclivirostris in Tadri area (Karwar). Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 103 . pp. 10-11.



The occurrence of Oratosquilla nepa and Acetes johni, only for a few days before the beginning of the night fishing for prawns, serves as an indicator of the commencement of the intensive prawn fishery in the Tadri area of Karwar. The Acetes johni forms favourite food item of some fishes, which is related to the appearance of Lepturacanthus savala at Tadri. trawlers. Once P. acclivirostris which is called as young 'Karikadi' landed from 18-20 fathoms depth amounting to as high as 350 kg/boat. The observations provide a clue to the appearance of prawns from south to north at the beginning of the prawn fishery season in the Tadri-Karwar area during November over the years. This may help the fishermen to plan their fishing activities accordingly.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Oratosquilla nepa; Acetes johni; Parapenaeopsis acclivirostris; Tadri area
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