Industrial fisheries off Saurashtra coast based on Exploratory survey during 1985-'88

Vivekanandan, E and Gopal, C and Shanmugam, S and Dhokia, H K and Thumber, B P (1990) Industrial fisheries off Saurashtra coast based on Exploratory survey during 1985-'88. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series , 102 . pp. 1-5.



In Saurashtra waters, where fishery resource is currently being well exploited by private sector, exploratory survey programmes are being conducted by Government of India. The analysis, based on 4 year survey (1985-'88), with a view to provide information and to extend our knowledge about the spatial and seasonal distribution of various industrially important fishes along the Saurashtra coast. Ribbon fish and sciaenids which constituted the bulk of the catch together formed more than 60% of the total catch and catch rate were 14.7 and 14.5 kg/hr respectively. Area-wise analysis of data revealed that maximum effort was expended in 21° 69 0 and the effort was very low in 21° 70° and 23° 68° Depth wise analysis revealed that the maximum catch rate of ribbon fish and other sciaenids was obtained at 21-30 m depth. The catch rate of elasmobranch, carangid and Lactarius lactarius was maximum at 41-50 m, cat fish, pomfret and perch at 51-60 m and carangid and cephalopod at 61-70 m depth.

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