Hydrography and plankton productivity of the surf zone of Moplah Bay North Kerala

Selvaraj, G S D and Varghese, Molly (1999) Hydrography and plankton productivity of the surf zone of Moplah Bay North Kerala. In: The Fourth Indian Fisheries Forum, Proceedings, 24-28 November, 1996, Kochi .



The study is hased on hydrographic and plankton data collected at intervals of two hours during 0630-1 830 hours from a fixed station in the surf zone of Moplah Bay during April. July, August, December 1991 and March 1992. Water temperature ranged from 25.1 to 32.@C, salinity 18.9-35.8 ppt, dissolved oxygen 1.9- 4.3 ml/l and net primary productivity 0.01-1.26 g.C/m3/day. Monthwise mean values of temperature, salinity and dissolvedoxygen in water exhibited almost the same trend of rise and fall during high and low tide periods. Seasonal average values of temperature were and 27.5'C. salinity and 34.5 ppt, dissolved oxygen and 3.1 ml/l and net primary productivity 610,447 and 573 mg.C/m3/day during March- April (premonsoon), July-August (southwest monsoon) and December (postmonsoon) re?.pectively, with an average primary production of 543 mg.C/m3day in the hay. Wet displacement volumes of zooplankton biomass during these periods were 13.5,20.3 and 22.9 ml respectively with an average of 18.9 ml per l00m" water which would mount to 2.82mg C/m3/day. The estimated mew turn-over fmm primary to secondary production level was less than I% in the bay. Results of the experiments pertaining to the production potential and microbiochemical oxygen demand indicated that the shallow intertidal water zone in the Moplah Bay provides a self replenishing autotrophic environment.

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