Investigations on the Digestive Enzyme Profile of Some Shrimp Feeds

Smitha, K S and Sridhar, N and Sridhar, Manpal (2000) Investigations on the Digestive Enzyme Profile of Some Shrimp Feeds. In: The Fifth Indian Fisheries Forum Proceedings, 17-20 January, 2000, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.



Proteolytic, lipolytic and amylolytic activities were determined in four feeds viz, clam meat (NFI) and shrimp meat (NF2) as natural feeds: Moina (LFI and Arrenlia nauplii (LF2) as live feeds: a laboratory formulated (CFI) and a commercial brand (CF2) and two micro-particulate feeds (MPI and MP2) as artificial feeds. High protease activity (10.70 units/min) was recorded in the feed CF2 followed by the micro-particulate feeds (9.35 unitslmin). High amylase activity of 3.72 unitslmin was recorded in clam meat followed by the agar-gelatin micro-particulate feed in which the activity corresponded to 2.2 units/min. The highest esterase activity of 2.37 units/min was obtained in the commercial (CFZ) formulated feed. Activities were recorded in most feeds showing reactivation or incomplete denaturation in the formulated feeds.

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